CBT Intensive 2015: India (2 week)

“I always tell everyone that Luana saved my life. I cant possibly recommend her highly enough. I had struggled with an acute panic and anxiety disorder for over two years. I worked very hard at trying to fix myself. I tried everything barring medication, REBT, psycho – analysis, hypnosis, homeopathy, meditation, but nothing clicked. It was to a point where i could barely leave my home. I was introduced to Luana through a YPO friend of my family. Luana immediately understood my situation and the constraints I was living with. She realized I wasn’t going to make it to her in Boston and decided to come out to India during her time off and help me through my problem. For me the results were nothing short of magical. In 4 days of working with her I was half way to being myself and by the time she left a week later I was nearly all back. This was 4 years ago. Since then I have helped solve a major business crisis, moved countries, married an amazing woman, followed my passion, started a new career and traveled all over the world. I cant give Luana all the credit :), but working with her was instrumental; a pivotal moment for me that helped me when I most needed it. Not everyone will be have the same sort of results in the same time frame as I did. But I have and always will recommend Luana for anyone who finds themselves having the challenging task of tackling tough mental health related issues. She is a great resource and one I value very much.”

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