CBT Intensive 2016: India (1 week)

“I worked Dr. Marques in a personal and a couples settings. She was able to accommodate week long intensive sessions in India which made things much simpler for me logistically. Dr. Marques was able to help me to first understand and then fix deeply ingrained patterns that were irrational and counter-productive to my larger goals in life. I began with what I thought was an addiction and temper problem, and once we peeled away enough layers, it became apparent that the true problems were deeper and actually simpler and required me to relook at some of my basic assumptions and reactions. To that end, the CBT method is a powerful and science based method. It helps zero in on what is truly “broken” within your thinking and emotions and offers you the tools to build it back up. I also loved the fact that Dr. Marques and CBT has a holistic view of mental and physical wellness. It dovetailed perfectly with the meditation practice I began around the same time and helped me connect with what I defined as personal happiness. As I say to Dr .Marques – “you guys (CBT practioners) are the modern day scientific spiritual healers”.

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