CBT Intensive 2018: India (2 weeks)

“I have been unable to fly short or long distances without a sedative as the experience of being in a flight aroused both panic and anxiety. This has been my condition for the last 18 years. I could have gone on like this for the rest of my life, but the dependency has made me feel like I had lost control of my life and my freedom. When I decided to do the CBT intensive exposure therapy with Dr. Marques I knew that it would not be easy. But the thought that maybe I could overcome my fear of flying and learn to handle anxiety and panic propelled me to undertake this exercise. I was diagnosed by Dr. Marques to have Claustrophobia. Dr. Marques taught me the skill of being “comfortably uncomfortable” and facing my fears and anxiety. I realized that there is no magic in handling panic but a rigorous practice of correcting one’s thinking and learning to identify the emotional and physical triggers that trigger the thoughts that feed panic and anxiety. Dr. Marques taught me how to prime my limbic brain so that it stops firing when the stimulus is a false alarm. This was a transformative experience.

Today I am flying short and long flights without any medication and though there may be some discomfort now and then I have learnt to cope and handle my thoughts and have a comfortable and often enjoyable flight. I still have some way to go to consolidate my wins, but I know for sure that there will be more wins as I keep working at it.

CBT has been a liberating and transformative experience and I would recommend it to all who seek to be free of panic and phobias.”

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