In these unprecedented times, stress, anxiety, and grief is expected. Skills can help.

PRIDE Training Institute

“Skills, Not Therapy.”

– Dr. Luana

11.8 million adults in the United States
reported having unmet mental health needs.



Program for Research in Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatment

The PRIDE Training Institute aims to increase access to mental health care by training and coaching paraprofessionals to deliver cognitive behavioral skills to youth. The PRIDE Training Institute partners with organizations to create communities of healing, locally and globally.

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TEB Skills for youth development organizations: Strengthening organizational capacity

Connecticut Opportunity Project

In Connecticut, more than one in five youth are disengaged or disconnected from high school. Youth who are disengaged and disconnected often face significant stress, adverse events, and emotional challenges. Cognitive behavioral skills can help disengaged and disconnected youth regulate emotions and build resilience.

In partnership with Dalio Philanthropies, we aim to strengthen the capacity of the three Connecticut Opportunity Project partners to deliver their services with excellence by providing the organizations’ staff evidence-based training and coaching on how to deliver cognitive behavioral skills to youth.


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PRIDE Training Institute